🙌 February 2024 CincyAI Meetup Recap & March 5 RSVP

CincyAI Meetup Video & Photos, RSVP Links & More!

Dear CincyAI Community Member — 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our February meetup!

It was our largest one to date, with standing room only and over 150 people in attendance!

We couldn’t be more excited to have you be part of the largest AI community in the region. We’re an important node to the burgeoning AI ecosystem here in Cincinnati, leading the way with Responsible AI.

A big thank you to Seven Hills Technology for sponsoring the food and drink and to Big Kitty Labs for their sponsorship to help offset the photography and video costs. Big Kitty Labs will also be building our CincyAI website. Sponsors like these help make CincyAI possible! If you’re interested in sponsoring, don’t be shy. 😉 

Hope you can join us for our next CincyAI Meetup taking place Tuesday, March 5, from 3-5 pm at the UC Digital Futures building in room 140 — sign up if you haven’t already! 

As a reminder, Kendra will host a 101 AI training before our next meeting at 2:30pm in room 140. This is a great opportunity for our beginners and AI curious community members to learn AI basics.

A big thanks to our community partners MidwestCon and Disrupt Now with Rob Richardson at the helm for organizing and co-hosting the 'Creators & Cocktails' event, proudly sponsored by Makers Mark, after our last meeting. I know I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved hearing everyone’s insights at the intersection of AI and creativity.

To make the photos from our meetups more accessible, we’ve officially launched a CincyAI Flickr account with albums for every meetup. Feel free to share the photos and use #CincyAI! Word of mouth definitely contributes to our growing community.

Scroll on for our:

We’re honored to partner with and host our CincyAI meetups at the UC Digital Futures building, an interdisciplinary research facility home to globally recognized leading research in responsible AI. A special thank you to our organizing partner, Dr. Kelly Cohen. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with UC Research Labs to save costs and time researching, testing, and validating your AI initiatives, visit: https://ucdigitalfutures.com.

We also want to thank Ellie and Laura from À Lala Carte for the amazing charcuterie cups and Jeremy Griffin from David Choate’s DC Productions for the fantastic photos, video coverage, and editing.

And most importantly: THANK YOU!

Thank you for being part of this dynamic community where the whole is not just greater, but exponential in its impact.

-Kendra & Helen
Your CincyAI Cohosts

Kendra also has an amazing list of all the upcoming AI events in the area on her website — check it out here!

Creativity SquaredHow creatives are collaborating with A.I.

For our own CincyAI member interviews on Helen’s Creativity Squared podcast, click on over for Ben Nash and Rob Richardson’s interviews. If you’re interested in getting cloned, book your appointment here!

CincyAI LinkedIn Group & Directory

We are so excited to keep the conversations, collaboration, and connections going beyond just our monthly meetups. Here are other ways to stay connected with the CincyAI community:

  • LinkedIn Group

    • You voted! And our new digital hub for CincyAI Meetup will be our newly created LinkedIn Group. Please join us there and feel free to introduce yourself and share what aspects of AI interest you, as well as any asks you have for the community. We’ll keep the sharing, connecting, and collaborating going in this space. See you there!

  • CincyAI Meetup Directory & Submission Form

    • In the spirit of connecting and collaborating, we’re starting a directory of everyone in the community. Feel free to submit your contact details to be included. This will also be a great resource to audit all of the amazing AI talent and projects that we have right here in Cincinnati! (And we’ll roll out a resource hub next, so stay tuned for that ;)

February Meetup Video

If you missed our last meetup or want to hear what was said again, we've got you covered with this recap video, and you can catch all of them in our CincyAI Video Playlist.

Event Photos

Check out the photos from our last meetup! Feel free to share them and help spread the word about CincyAI. Please add #CincyAI too.

We just put all of the photos up on Flickr to make them more accessible and easier to share.

UC Digital Futures Updates

Congratulations again to Kenny Sloan for winning Dr. Kelly Cohen’s student video contest! With the help of the CincyAI community, we voted to decide the winning video explaining what Responsible AI is. Check it out here and give the video some love on YouTube with a like and follow:

Also, here’s an article on one of Dr. Kelly Cohen’s Responsible AI initiatives that we’re happy to share with you:

Community News & Updates

Upcoming Events:

Kendra also has an amazing list of all the upcoming AI events in the area on her website — check it out here!


Art & Cultural Corner: 

Ben Nash teased his best AI video at our meeting. Here’s the full-length version. Check it out and give Ben some love on YouTube with a like and follow:

This is the interview Helen mentioned about the AI artist who made $1.17M with her NFT drop the day before the interview went live! It’s a fascinating conversation (be sure to subscribe!):

Next Meetup: Tuesday, March 5

Our next CincyAI Meetup for Humans will be on Tuesday, March 5 from 3-5pm at the UC Digital Futures building room 140 again.

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Mark your calendars! All 2024 dates include:

  • January — Tuesday, Jan 9: Photos & Video

  • February — Tuesday, Feb 6: Photos & Video

  • March — Tuesday, March 5: Sign up!

  • April — Tuesday, April 16

  • May — Tuesday, May 7

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Feedback & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Feedback? Want to help with CincyAI planning?

    • Don’t be shy! We’re here for you and would love your feedback on what else we can do to improve this community and add as much value as possible. We know your time is precious, and we want to ensure this community and our events are meaningful for all those who participate and belong — that’s you! :)

    • We’re also open to anyone who’d love to help us with the planning of these meetups.

    • Reach out to us at [email protected].

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